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Anousheh Barbezieux

From Frontiere PR said the following on 08/12/2015:

"A great night it was and I left a happy BYTP team this morning, so thank you for organising everything so fantastically!"

Daniel Pyke

Marketing Mansger at Tata Steel said the following on 08/12/2015:

"Definitely the Most Interesting awards ceremony I have been to by a long way. A great venue, theme and entertainment, with plenty of time to talk and meet new people. Taking away the prize for Most Interesting new product for HP335 (High Performance Rail) topped off a great night out. Thanks for all the hard work - it looked spectacular"

Darren Lowe

Business Development Manager at Baldwin & Francis Ltd said the following on 08/12/2015:

"“It really opened our eyes!”"

Joanna Nelson

From Network Certification Body (NCB) said the following on 08/12/2015:

"it was a really good night."

Chris Parker

Writer at Rail Engineer said the following on 08/12/2015:

"Brilliant night last night everyone! Many congratulations to all concerned. I hope you all enjoyed it as Eve & I did."

Andrew Boagey

Chair at Railway Engineers' Forum said the following on 08/12/2015:

"It was certainly my great pleasure to be part of the event. Thank you for your hospitality. I look forward to being able to support your events and publications in the future."

Simon Iwnicki

Director at University of Huddersfield-Institute of Railway Research said the following on 08/12/2015:

"I thought it was a great evening – well done! Impressive floor show and fun activities compared with aplomb by Graham!! I was also surprised and delighted (and slightly embarrassed) to received the award for the SUSTRAIL project – this is a fantastic tribute to the work of all the partners and will be well received by all our colleagues. Great job, many thanks, hope you can now have a relaxing weekend."

Danny O'Brien

Regional Director at J Murphy & Sons said the following on 08/12/2015:

"Our staff and guests really enjoyed the night some of the quotes from the night “ the best awards dinner wasn’t the normal 2 hours of speeches” “ best entertainment they’d seen “ “entertainment & bumper cars made it a very relaxed and enjoyable night” And too top it all off we won an award."

Peter Darling

HM Inspector of Railways at ORR said the following on 08/12/2015:

"This was a wonderful nights event and we both really enjoyed it all. I have to say that the ‘high wire’ entertainment was brilliant!! – no safety harnesses needed!!"

Susan Scrivens

PA to John Murphy Managing Director - North at J Murphy & Sons said the following on 08/12/2015:

"The event excellent, in fact “one of the best we have attended”! Well done to all the organisers"

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