Rail Exec Gala Dinner 2016

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What to expect

The night air sparkles; your senses begin to dance as powerful sights and mysterious sounds take hold. The enchanted land that once seemed so out of reach now towers over you - it's attraction magnetic as you're drawn helplessly into the unknown to explore a curious new world. An evening of astounding entertainment and intriguing sights await - Ladies and gentleman... welcome to WONDERLAND, the theme for this year's Rail Exec Gala.


You pass through glistening gates to the iconic Roundhouse Kingdom, tentatively crossing the threshold into an the inviting landscape and leaving the winter’s night behind. Magical, timid creatures clamour to hide behind one another as you begin to explore their world tentatively offering a hand of friendship.

The enchanted forest lies ahead, where stilted imps offer delicious hot and cold canapés and magnificent unicorns stride around their land. The beautiful mirror bars serve crisp wines and chilled beers while the champagne bar offers glasses of glamour and cocktails crafted to order, as you relax and soak up the spirited atmosphere Wonderland freely offers.

Dazzling beams of light now dance around the room as you explore further, collecting friends and colleagues along the way. The tempo of the evening momentarily changes pace as impromptu bursts of entertainment light up the podiums and the night starts to show its real character!

As you are guided in to take your seats for a superb three course feast, the vibrant stage comes to life and you are treated to an evening of exhilarating entertainment! World-class aerial entertainers fill the air above you with new and unseen routines while seamlessly choreographed bring powerful energy to the floor.

As dinner comes to a close, the anticipation rises for the announcement of the winners for this year’s Most Interesting Awards. As we crown the winners, the room is filled with pride.

The dance floor instantly fills, casino tables open and fairground stalls begin to ply their trade. The dodgems begin to whirr and the chocolate fountain attracts the chocoholics! While some take coffee and chocolates in a quieter area, the dance floor beckons for those disco bunnies with boundless energy and whose night is still young!

Wonderland has been a unique experience; a privilege to behold; its secrets to be kept!

  • Enchanting scenery throughout the spectacular, award winning venue.
  • World class aerial entertainment including the mesmerising cloud swing, majestic birds of flight and curious stilted creatures, together with professionally choreographed fast moving dance routines.
  • 3-course Dinner, Coffee & Chocolates
  • Professional Cocktail bar
  • Moet & Chandon Champagne bar
  • Dodgems fairground ride & stalls
  • After dinner disco & professional DJ
  • Casino tables including Blackjack & Roulette
  • Free onsite car park
  • Free cloakroom
  • Full disabled access